WIP Institute Planning – Planning & Engineering exclusively for Anatomy – Pathology – Forensic

Planning of institutes and equipment plus design of medical equipment for the areas of anatomy, forensics and pathology.

We, as WIP Institute Planning Co., can assist the architects and general contractors, as a specialist for the a. m. institutes, in creating a professional, safe and modern facility.

WIP Institute Planning Co. – specialized in planning and technical designs to fit your tasks.

We offer a complete service in the following areas:

  • Laboratory Planning                                                                                                                                 
  • Ventilation Planning                                                                                                                                 
  • Planning / integration of a compatible technical anatomy system for the diverse departments in order to secure target values

Our speciality is the planning of anatomy institutes with “zero” formaldehyde concentrations in the breathing area of students, lecturers, preparators and institute employees below the thresholds set by the European Health & Safety authorities! Our official test protocols (see download) guarantee a formaldyde emisson value of 0,05mg/m³ which is far below the threshold of the WHO!